“I am the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.” Psalm 81:10

The image of a baby bird craning its’ beak wide open in request and expectancy for it to be filled with food from an attentive parent is a fitting one for this verse. First, God reminds Israel again of His relationship with them: “I saved from you bondage in Egypt.” Looking through New Testament lenses, the believer in Christ can hear the Lord saying, “I have saved you from the slavery and darkness of sin and condemnation.”

So, the believer can have assurance that we don’t come before a distant, disinterested Ruler. Rather, we are dealt with by a sovereign King who has loved us and generously poured His grace out upon us. He has saved us when we never could have saved ourselves. He has invested Himself in us, for His own glory.

Therefore, open your mouth wide to God. That is, pray unto Him as if He is a rich and generous King. Look to Him expectantly, knowing that He honors those who seek Him. Are we guilty of sometimes praying as if God is poor and lacking in resources? Or praying as if He would probably rather not deal with us?

When we think about opening our mouth wide to God, and Him promising that He will fill it, what do we envision? Our mouths being filled with more carnal and earthly things? Do we anticipate our mouths being filled with a life of ease and self-indulgence. Scripture would inform us that that is not God’s agenda for our lives. Or, do we envision God filling us with more of Himself? Would that not make us all the richer? More of God’s grace enjoyed, more of His wisdom to lead us, more of His love to comfort us, more of His word to purify us, more of His power to help us…more of Him!

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