“But our God is in the heavens: He hath done whatsoever He hath pleased.» Psalm 115:3

This psalm contrasts the true God with the dead, lifeless idols that are made and worshipped by men. God dwelling in the heavens speaks of His majesty, His glory and Him being exalted above all of creation. However high and lofty our thoughts are of God, they probably are not high and lofty enough! Stir up your mind to a high view of God.

The verse also declares what we call the sovereignty of God. That is, He does whatever pleases Him. He does not make attempts, only to fail. He does not have plan Bs in case plan A doesn’t work out.

This truth is seen clearly in the events surrounding the Incarnation. God purposed that His Son would take on human nature and be born of a virgin at an exact time and in an exact location. A lot had to «fall into place» in order for a betrothed couple living in the northern part of Israel to travel in the last stages of pregnancy to a tiny village in the southern part of the nation. It involved a Roman Caesar’s desire for more taxes, Joseph being from the family line of David, Divinely-given dreams and so much more!

The truth is, these things didn’t just «fall into place», God ordered them into place in His sovereign providence! God had a purpose to send His Son to save a people, and nothing/no one could stop it!

Rejoice in this truth of a majestic, sovereign God. And trust that His providence is at work in your life, whether circumstances be pleasant or difficult. Joseph and Mary didn’t know all the reasons why they had to take an arduous journey at an inopportune time. The people of Israel probably groaned at having to comply with another decree from a pagan dictator. But, as we look back and see the hidden hand of providence, may we be encouraged to have full confidence in a God who does whatever He pleases.

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