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Dios Gobierna

by Pastor Timothy

Actualmente en Collierville PBC, estoy predicando a través del libro de Jonás. Ha sido un rico estudio para mí, y espero que la congregación también haya sido bendecida. En un libro tan corto (4 capítulos), se ven muchos temas teológicos destacados y ricos. Hoy, veré cómo Jonás destaca la Soberanía de Dios. Dios gobierna sobre […]

God’s Mercy In Jonah

by Pastor Timothy

In our last post, we noted the sovereignty of God as one of the themes highlighted in the book of Jonah. We must always remember that the Scriptures reveal the nature and character of God to us. God is rightly known, understood and worshipped through the revelation given of Him in the Scriptures. The book […]

A Prayer for The Spread of The Gospel

by Pastor Timothy

Almighty God, we live in a spiritual wasteland. You are ignored, blasphemed and minimized. Your Word is perverted or rejected or forgotten. Christ is not held in high esteem. Unbelief is commonplace. False prophets are many. Men do that which is right in their own eyes. The corrupting effects of sin are rampant. We pray […]

God Rules

by Pastor Timothy

Currently at Collierville PBC, I am preaching through the book of Jonah. It has been a rich study for me, and I hope the congregation has been blessed as well. In such a short book (4 chapters), many rich, prominent theological themes are seen. Today, I will look out at how Jonah highlights the Sovereignty […]

He Hears Me!

by Pastor Timothy

“I love the Lord, because He hath heard my voice and my supplications.” Psalm 116:1 There are an abundance of things to stir up our love for God. Forgiveness of sin, redemption from ruin, and the prospect of eternal life would be a few at the top of the list. But, how precious is the […]