Then all Israel gathered themselves to David unto Hebron, saying, Behold, we are thy bone and thy flesh. And moreover in time past, even when Saul was king, thou wast he that leddest out and broughtest in Israel: and the LORD thy God said unto thee, Thou shalt feed my people Israel, and thou shalt be ruler over my people Israel.Therefore came all the elders of Israel to the king to Hebron; and David made a covenant with them in Hebron before the LORD; and they anointed David king over Israel, according to the word of the LORD by Samuel.» I Chronicles 11:1-3

Saul’s reign as king of Israel started out well but ended in disaster. Saul repeatedly discarded God’s commands for his own ways and bore the consequences. He and his three sons were killed in battle, as Israel was defeated by its enemies. But, in mercy to His people, God had already prepared a successor in David. God raised up a great king to take the place of a great failure. 

Does this story sound familiar? God’s creation of man started out well. Adam was made good and very good. Then…sin, rebellion against God and sin’s disastrous consequences have been mankind’s story every since. Do you know that your life, if lived out on your own sinful desires and wisdom, will end in disaster? But, there’s good news. God has raised up a king, the son of David who is Jesus, to save His loved ones from the mess they have made of things. Just as God raised up David to take Israel from defeat to victory, God has raised up Jesus to take us from shame to glory. Do you believe this? Are you aware of your failures and your need of Jesus’ victory?

If so, let us follow Israel’s example here and pledge to serve Jesus as our King. Let us live the joyful life of living in His kingdom, bowing daily before His word. Let us die to our own ways and live to His. Praise God for His grace to failing people!

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