“For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile.” I Peter 3:10

It takes God-given faith to embrace the truth of this verse. Do you believe that one of the keys to “loving life” is to control your tongue in a way that your words or silence will bring glory to Him? It’s true, so we should embrace it.

What is evil use of the tongue? Gossip, slander, lies, filthy speech, constant criticism of others, true things spoken in a harsh or insulting tone, and complaining are just a few. Instead of making weak excuses, we need to see these things as God sees them…sins!

Practically speaking, how can we work for greater victory in this area?

*First, we need to be aware that what we say every day is important. We must not be mindless, thoughtless Christians about what we say.

*Second, this will lead us to conscious prayer that the Lord will purify our speech. We simply must have His grace to have victory in this area.

*Third, develop self-control. If I tell myself that I can’t help what I say, but that the words “just come out”, I am deceiving myself. Develop and pray for the habit of refraining from speaking sinfully and controlling the tone of my voice.

*Fourth, fill up your heart with Christ and His word. It’s not just mental toughness that will win. What lives in our hearts will eventually come out in our speech. Therefore, a close, daily fellowship with Christ through His word and prayer is esential.

*Finally, live close to the Cross. I would guess that every day every reader of this (including the author!) sins multiple times with our tongues. This should motivate us to look by faith in repentance and confession to the only One who can forgive and cleanse sin: Jesus Christ. By His grace, we can rise up from our falls and keep laboring to use our tongues for Him, and experience the good life.

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