“I am purposed that my mouth shall not transgress.” Psalm 17:3

David here had a holy resolve. Perhaps he had been stung by the words of others or had himself seen from his own lips what damage an ill-used tongue can cause. Regardless, he was purposed and determined not to sin with his mouth. That is a daily battle for us all.

Do you have any holy purposes? While on one hand, we freely affirm that we can do nothing of our own will-power and strength, constantly needing the grace of Christ, yet, we still should carry with us a dogged determination to please the Lord. In the workplace, there are goals and priorities that require work and discipline to fulfill them. The same is true in projects at home or school. What about in the realm of spiritual efforts? Though we do rest in the sweet, saving grace of God, there should not be a let-down or relaxing of our efforts in our personal spiritual building project.

Do you have any things that you need to purpose in your life? Perhaps one needs to determine to spend significant time in the Scriptures. Another may need to resolve not to gossip or speak in a cutting way. Still another may need to purpose not to complain but to develop a thankful heart. In a world of moral filth, we all need to determine to keep our thoughts and hearts pure.

It takes spiritual strength and power from the Holy Spirit to have the resolve and discipline to make these resolutions and then to carry them out. Our Savior was purposed to complete His redemptive mission while here on earth. Surely, He will help us as we attempt to follow His example.