“But the LORD shall endure forever: He hath prepared His throne for judgment. And He shall judge the world in righteousness, He shall minister judgment to people in uprightness.” Psalm 9:7,8

One praise-worthy thing about God is His staying power. He will endure forever. God is not going anywhere! The fact that the unbelieving world does not love the true and living God doesn’t diminish His majesty and power one drop. God is eternal, and while many kingdoms, nations, and individuals have come and gone, God remains.

This eternal God is also a holy Judge. God has the right to judge every person’s heart, actions and character against the standard of His word. God is privy to all the details in every person’s life. God knows every motive, every private deed and thought. God’s judgment, the verse tells us, is upright. He doesn’t get bribed. He doesn’t make mistakes in judgment. His judgment is neither too severe nor too soft.

How should this truth about God affect us? It should give us comfort. Comfort because God is going to deal rightly with all evil and injustice. The best justice systems in the earth will always fall short in this. It should give us sobriety. We should live with the awareness that we are accountable before God. Instead of determing our thoughts and actions based upon our personal preferences, what is socially acceptable or politically correct, we should care about what God thinks above all.

Finally, it should lead us to run to Jesus as our refuge. Every one of us deserves the penalty of God’s judgment to fall upon us for all eternity. But, on the Cross, Jesus was punished by God for the sins of His people. In generous grace, He was punished so that sinners would go free. Those who run to Christ for grace and mercy know what it is to be able to look to God, not merely as Judge, but as Father who has graciously forgiven and accepted them.

  1.  God Endures
  2. God is a Righteous Judge
  3. This should lead us to comfort, sobriety and faith in Jesus


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