“He ruleth by His power forever; His eyes behold the nations: let not the rebellious exalt themselves. Selah.” Psalm 66:7

God’s word informs our faith. How we need God’s perspective! If we were to only interpret the events of life from what we physically observe, we could easily lose hope. Through the Scriptures, on the other hand, God gives us much reason to be filled with hope, even during times of turmoil among nations.

First, God rules forever! Though powerful leaders of nations, wealthy business leaders and cultural icons may seem intimidating and invincible with their influence and position, their time is very limited. God is the eternal King. God is the source of all power. His power is not negated just because many refuse to bow to Him.

Second, God sees the nations. The word ‘behold’ is translated from a Hebrew word that gives the idea of “leaning forward”. So, the image is God leaning forward to see all that is going on. He is not ignorant of world events. He sees the injustice, corruption and suppression that the leaders of many nations engage in.

Third, a word of warning is given to the rebellious. While it may seem that those in power are accountable to no one, that is not the case. Every human being, including those in positions of power, are accountable to Almighty God. He sets up kings and He removes kings. He will not allow evil to prosper forever. One day, when Christ returns, He will make all the wrongs right and bring righteous judgment.

Yes, God sees the nations. He observes the hurting of humanity and the consequences of sin that plague the nations. But, more than just observe it, God the Son actually came to this broken world. He came to redeem sinful human beings by His sacrificial death on the Cross. He rose again as conqueror over sin and death. There is hope in a fallen world for those who trust in Christ! Hope because God is sovereign and just. Hope because He sees all things. And hope because He Himself came to save sinners.