I am thankful that we were able to at least have some connection with each other yesterday through the live stream sermon. Let me just remind us of some of the points from that message “Watching Jesus Pray“.
  • Jesus prayed! If God incarnate desired and felt the need to pray, how much more should we who are sinful and weak!
  • Jesus can empathize with us when we are bewildered and have a hard time processing life’s trials.
  • Our anxieties and overwhelming feelings should drive us to prayer and trusting God.
  • Abba, Father! What sweet words that describe a precious relationship that Jesus had with the Father, and that believers have with the Father. Don’t hide anything in your prayers. Pour out your heart to God.”
  • All things are possible with God.” Let us lay hold of this in our hearts, and may it encourage our prayers.
  • Submission to God is a good thing! It is an attitude of the heart and mind that ranks under God. It pleases God for us to say, even through our disappointments, “Yes, sir.
  • “The fact that Jesus submitted Himself to the Cross resulted in our salvation! This should motivate us to submit ourselves to God’s providence, even when it is heavy.

I have started a “Collierville Primitive Baptist Church” Facebook page. Please “like” this page. As it appears we will have to continue to do live-stream, we will use this page in the future. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua. The virus has arrived there. None of our folks are directly affected yet, but things are getting more stressful.

Let’s pray:

Almighty God, who created the heavens, the earth, the sea and all that exists: we worship you because you are on your throne. You have not changed. You are perfect and complete in your nature and character. May your name be glorified and exalted in our lives, our thoughts, attitudes, motives, words and actions. May the beauty of Christ shine in us more completely and more fully. We confess to you that we are weak, that we struggle with fear and unbelief. We confess that we are too often proud and covetous and selfish. We confess that we have not loved you or each other as we ought. We trust in the sacrifice of your Holy Son, the Lamb of God. We rejoice that His blood washes all our guilty stains away. We look to you for power and strength to walk in righteousness. Renew and refresh our hearts and minds. Thank you that we have each other. We pray through the intercession of Jesus. Amen.