Very, Very Rough Draft – Last updated March 8, 2018.

New adds found on Internet–very brief search:

Jeremy Meeks:

New Pastor in Managua looking to go to SJDS?

Prior year research:

Prior Note: SBC IMB had personnel in Nicaragua until about 7 years ago.  IMB has only x number of missionaries, and they have to be strategic where they place them. Most of Central America is above 8 to 10 percent evangelical. Since the imb has these limited resources they have exited most of Central America.  Marty stated, there is a good national convention and mission minded churches and leaders in Nicaragua who are stepping up to the plate.  God has developed strong leaders that are leading Nicaraguans to reach the pockets of lostness in their country.  I’m requesting their in country Point of Contact (POC) list and if they would mind sharing contact details for who was in country last.

Getting Organized/Training:

     SBC IMB Efforts:

  1. Story Telling and Training for Trainers Manual (new)
  2. Story Together Initiative (new)
  3. Story Together Introductory Workshop, Brentwood TN, 25-28 Aug 2015 (new)
  4. Free Spanish Course for Using ST4T for Evangelism
  5. English and Spanish Stories: Core, Acts, Addiction (new)
  6. Mission Roundtable Videos (new)
  7. American Peoples Online Webinar Training (new)
  8. Partner Connect Files (lostness, ministry vs missionary, spiritual warfare, worldview, etc.) (new)

Religion in Nicragua:

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Books of Possible Interest:


Country Background, Travel, Emergency, Medical, Weather, Earthquake Map, etc. Data:

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