There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” Romans 8:1

In the first three chapters of Romans, the Holy Spirit thru Paul communicated God’s indictment against mankind. The summary is, a Holy God has been dishonored and sinned against by His own creation. Because He is righteous, He judges rightly and His judgment is that everyone, everyone is guilty in their sins. 

How then could there be this wonderful truth that there are some who are not condemned? How could it be possible after what has already been clearly stated? It is true only because of Jesus Christ! Jesus took upon Himself the condemnation of rebellious sinners, and suffered their penalty in their place. He lived a perfectly righteous life as a human being, and His perfect life is credited to the account of His people. It’s not too good to be true…those who earned nothing but condemnation and death are given justification and life through Jesus! 

Who are these privileged people? Paul identifies them as those who walk after the Spirit. Their walk is not the cause of this blessing but the result. It is pure grace. Walking in the Spirit means one is trusting in the perfect work of Christ and seeking to live life according to His word. Those who walk after the Spirit now no longer live as slaves to their own sins, but as the servants of Jesus Christ. They fall and stumble still, but they continue to trust in Christ’s righteousness, and seek to live out that righteousness. Jesus is the highlight of this verse. May He be the highlight of your life!

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