“And there is none that calleth upon Thy name, that stirreth up himself to take hold of Thee: for Thou hast hid Thy face from us, and hast consumed us, because of our iniquites.” Isaiah 64:7

Warning! A spiritual condition to be combatted: spiritual drowsiness, laziness, negligence, lukewarmness. I think every true believer can identify this condition at one point or another. Though saved, we still have a sinful nature. Bible reading can seem like a chore. The thought of going to public worship with the church can seem laborious. Praying can turn into a quick “thank you for the food” and no more.

We all can identify it, but will we all fight against it? The lament of our text is that no one was stirring themselves up to take hold of the Lord. Have you ever had to rouse yourself out of bed? Maybe you had to take a shower to get going, or drink coffee or open the blinds to let some light in. In the spiritual realm, we must do the same! Spiritual lethargy will breed more of the same and maybe worse, if not struggled against.

Read the Scriptures, asking God to minister to you. Discipline yourself to pray (and more than just the blessing on the meal). Recite the verses of a favorite hymn or psalm. Sing it! Be present in the assembly for worship. The bad news is that we all get spiritual lethargy. The good news: there is hope! God is pleased to see His children struggling against their drowsiness. He will honor those who honor Him. He loves to revive the hearts of those who seek Him.

Stirring ourselves up will lead to greater joy in the Lord, greater spiritual fruit, greater energy to fight against sin, and a greater praise. Stir yourself up!