“With my whole heart have I sought Thee: O let me not wander from Thy commandments.” Psalm 119:10

Are you seeking God? Sometimes, we may seek God so He will give us something else that we really want. That is, we can use God as a means to an end. But, to seek God means to seek Him as our end, goal or prize. To seek God is to seek His presence, His guidance and wisdom, His power, His love, His favor, His glory…to seek Him as our joy and delight. And of course, the only way to seek God is to seek Him through Jesus Christ.

To seek God requires sincerity and diligence. David said “with my whole heart.” If you recognize that you are just kind of floating or cruising along in your Christian walk, see this as a warning sign and ask God to stir your heart up to passionately and faithfully seek Him.

This verse shows us how that even a diligent seeker still is so weak! David cries out to God to keep him from wandering from God’s ways. Wandering from God’s ways can be subtle but steady. Leaving off obedience here, making an excuse there, neglecting Scripture, prayer or fellowship with the saints little by little and soon, we can find ourselves in a cold, dark place. If David could wander, Christian friend, so could you and I!


The truth is, this prayer teaches us that we must diligently seek God. And it teaches us, that we desperately need the grace of God in our lives continually. May you and I seek God, and may we find more and more He whom our souls seek!