“But godliness with contentment is great gain.” 1 Timothy 6:6

Paul was warning Timothy here about false teachers, who were asserting that godliness was a means to acquire material gain. It wasn’t God that they were after, it was stuff! In this context we have this short, powerful statement. Godliness itself, with contentment, is great gain! To know God, to worship and please Him, to delight in Him, to trust and obey Him is truly gain. In doing so, we will grow in contentment, knowing that only He can satisfy the soul, not the many things that compete for our attention and affection.

Do you believe that? Deep down in your heart believe it? To believe it means that we will diligently pursue godliness. That we will pursue Him and be content with Him, regardless of our outward circumstances. Part of growing in contentment means learning that one doesn’t have to have everything that one might like to have. It means having our hearts centered on Christ whether we abound or whether we are brought low.

In a world where the poor are not content and the rich are not content, may we who are rich in Christ pursue godliness and contentment. Such a life will be a shining light in a dark and discontented world.