Until the spirit be poured upon us from on high, and the wilderness be a fruitful field, and the fruitful field be counted for a forest.” Isaiah 32:15

Imagine an orchard of abundantly fruitful peach trees. Now, imagine this same area dry, barren, overgrown by thorns. This is the idea of of the imagery given in this chapter. Hearts that are careless about the things of God, not at all taking Him or His word with great seriousness. These are the rebukes given by Isaiah earlier in the chapter. Then, this promise of great prosperity!

The human heart ought to be like a fruitful field of delight and worship towards God. It ought to overflow and abound with love, thankfulness, obedience and dedication towards Him. Sadly, however, it is the opposite. Rejection of Him, hardened hearts towards His word, trusting of self and delight in a variety of things other than God…this is the corrupt, depraved heart of fallen humanity.

Until the Spirit of God is poured out! This is the wonder of God’s saving grace. The Spirit of God transforms human hearts. He takes what has been a wilderness and makes it a fruitful field. He makes defiled hearts clean thru the blood of Christ. He makes the proud humble before God. He makes the idolatrous stand in joyful awe of God. He reveals the beauty and glory of God’s Son, Jesus.

Let us pray for the work of the Spirit. Let us seek God’s face that the Spirit will be poured out from on high to make dead hearts alive to Christ. And, perhaps some of us believers can see that the field of our own hearts have not been as fruitful as they should have been. Let us seek the work of God’s Spirit in us in a fresh way. Let us do so by seeking His power and renewing influence through His word. Don’t forget the image…from desolation to a fruitful field!