“All the kings of the earth shall praise Thee, O LORD, when they hear the words of Thy mouth.” Psalm 138:4

Certainly we can imagine people giving praise to God at the sight of some act of His great power. But, here the psalmist notes praise being given to God because of the words of His mouth. One might say, “If I ever heard God audibly speak, then I’d praise Him.” The reality is, God has spoken! He speaks through His work of creation. This marvelous display shows forth God’s power, goodness and wisdom in designing the world and humanity.

In addition to Creation, God has spoken most clearly and fully through His written word, the Holy Scriptures. What effect does the word of God have on you? Every day, people surf the internet and read their favorite news columnist or blogger or other similar authors. They respect, value the opinion of these professionals. Do you value the words of God? Our sinful human nature is prone to ignore, minimize, twist or argue with God’s words. May we repent when we manifest this attitude and seek God’s grace for a heart open and reverent towards His word.

He is worthy of praise because of what He has written. His word contains unshakable truth. It reveals to us the character of God and the way of salvation. It gives us wisdom for living. It corrects our sinful ways, and shows us a better path that brings joy and peace to us and glory to God. It gives us the promise and expectation of eternity, to comfort our hurting hearts along the way. Praise God for the words of His mouth!

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